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System Performance Engineering

Intermec systems engineers help you assess, optimize, and extend the performance of installed mobile AIDC systems in the warehouse, in the plant, and in the field.

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Installed System Performance Assessment and Optimization

Before and during mobile AIDC system implementation, Intermec systems engineers and business-application expertise can help your organization or customers integrate software, hardware, wireless network infrastructure, and software applications to drive business results.

That expertise remains available to you after go-live, so your organization or customers can accommodate changes in your RF environment, software tools, network architecture, or operating process with confidence.

Key Points to Remember

  • Helps optimize mobile AIDC technology in materials supply chain and field mobility applications
  • Combines Intermec mobile AIDC expertise with extensive vertical industry experience
  • Offers unique expertise in the most rugged harsh industrial deployment environments

Value to You

For IT and Operations Managers who are responsible for the coverage, connectivity, and security of a mobile wireless AIDC network, Intermec AIDC systems engineers and business-application experts help diagnose, optimize, or extend AIDC software, hardware, wireless-network infrastructure, and mobile applications to drive business results.

Mobile wireless network performance and requirements can change over time with the evolution of your organization’s operations, increases in number of users, bandwidth requirements for advanced applications or physical changes in RF conditions.

Intermec experts remain available after go-live, to help your organization or customers accommodate changes in RF environment or network architecture, new software and hardware tools, and new operating processes with confidence.

In-Premise Wireless Site Assessment, for existing local area networks, evaluates performance requirements and then re-evaluate existing access point locations and configuration, including network security, and deliver recommendations for optimum wireless performance. A site assessment may be conducted to isolate unknown or unintended sources of wireless degradation, or as a periodic health check to confirm that an organization’s network performance, security and compliance requirements are being met.

Only Intermec

Many offer wireless network expertise, but only Intermec combines it with vertical industry experience and practical experience in materials supply chain and field mobility applications in the warehouse, in the plant, and in the field.

And unlike any other mobility solution provider, Intermec combines wireless network expertise with deep application knowledge and experience in harsh industrial environments Coupling 802.11a/b/g/n, Mesh and Bluetooth site survey software and analysis techniques with the industry’s most extensive and respected expertise in harsh industrial environments, Intermec brings expertise in mobile wireless antenna configuration, along with the practical experience of over 5000 rugged industrial network deployments.

Whether your organization or customers are managing the heaviest industrial freight, or the most delicate life-saving pharmaceuticals, Intermec's forty-year heritage of patents and innovation has led the way in automated identification and data capture applications.

Some services may not be available in your location. Please check with your local service representative for availability.

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