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Site Survey and Certification

A warehouse presents more challenges for signal coverage than an office; nonetheless, Intermec expertise in harsh industrial environments assures mobile signal coverage, connectivity, and scalability throughout your site.

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Wireless Local Area Network Site Survey and Certification

Intermec system engineers understand how wireless networks perform in a harsh industrial environment. A warehouse is not an office. But Intermec brings your industrial warehouse, plant, or campus the same reliable signal strength, network coverage, connectivity and scalability you would expect inside an office.

Key Points to Remember

  • Unique wireless network expertise in harsh industrial deployment environments
  • First Cisco Solutions Technology Integration Partner, CCX and WLAN Certified
  • Vertical application expertise in mobile AIDC expertise – we work from the device up
  • Available worldwide and selected by the US Army overseas
  • Over 5000 installations
  • 18 month performance guarantee

Value to You

With high ceilings, concrete floors, metal racks and bay doors, changing contents and moving equipment, industrial spaces pose a challenging, even hostile, RF environment for wireless networks. Multi-path signal propagation and interference, improperly configured RF sensitivity and power, and dynamically-changing RF absorption characteristics in a warehouse can lead to intermittent mobile coverage, unproductive and frustrated workers, troubleshooting and unplanned rework expense. Relying on an office wireless configuration here can prove a costly mistake.

There is a better option. With proper planning, advanced site survey methods, and the right wireless solution, your warehouse network can deliver the same reliable performance you experience inside the office.

Coupling special site survey software and analysis techniques with expert knowledge of AIDC 802.11a/b/g/n, Mesh, and Bluetooth applications in harsh industrial environments, Intermec system engineers determine how many access points and antennas are needed, where to locate them, and how to configure them with Intermec handheld computers, data capture devices and printers. Intermec will match device types, channels, sensitivity, transmit power, range and network coverage, so you get optimized AIDC system performance in even the most challenging industrial environment.

A Simple Process

When you order Site Survey and Certification, an Intermec systems engineer will schedule a visit to your facility, and walk-through with your personnel to discuss your expected operating environment, compatibility requirements, and network structure.

Survey and Assessment
Intermec will then map existing and anticipated sources of interference, fade, or coverage holes, using purpose designed software and techniques. We assess coverage, range, redundancy, antenna array design and integration requirements based on your operating plans and the AIDC devices you will use, and based on our analysis of wireless dynamics in your working warehouse or plant floor.

Written Report
Shortly afterward, Intermec will deliver a report of our findings, including recommended location and configuration of wireless network components, access points, antenna array, and interconnect cabling – all the information needed to guide installation by your own personnel or by Intermec.

The result is lean, performance-matched efficiency, so your mobile AIDC solution comes online without delay, and your organization can go to work without waiting for follow-on system configuration, monitoring or troubleshooting. You minimize network infrastructure costs without sacrificing coverage, responsiveness or reliability.

Only Intermec

Intermec brings together expertise in mobile AIDC technology, mobile wireless antenna configuration, and the practical experience of over 5000 deployments in harsh industrial plant and warehouse environments. Recognizing this unique combination of expertise and experience, Cisco named Intermec its first-ever certified Solutions Technology Integration partner.

18 Month Performance Guarantee
If it were ever necessary to add network wireless components or make modifications to resolve a coverage problem within 18 months of our site survey or installation, there will be no additional charge. So you will come in on budget, guaranteed. But rest assured—when you choose Intermec, you choose the recognized leader in rugged industrial wireless AIDC technology.

Some services may not be available in your location. Please check with your local service representative for availability.

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