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Installation Services

Precision installation "locks down" the recommendations of a wireless site survey to realize the full potential of wireless mobile AIDC technology from your mobile operations and vehicles.

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WLAN Network and Mobile Device Installation Services

Installation that fully complies with the specifications of our site survey is key to unleashing the potential of AIDC network performance for your organization or customers. And in vehicles, proper placement, mounting and integration of fixed-mount devices is key to operator safety as well.

Key Points to Remember

  • Installation "locks down" the recommendations of a wireless site survey
  • In-premise installation during off-peak hours avoids disrupting operations
  • Field mobile installations can bring an entire fleet online at one time during off-peak hours
  • Vertical application expertise in mobile AIDC expertise – we work from the device up
  • Available worldwide and selected by the US Army overseas
  • 18 month performance guarantee

Value to You

Intermec installs wireless network components and mobile AIDC devices to enable warehouse, plant, and campus facilities, lift trucks and material handling vehicles, and field-mobile truck fleets. In-Premise WLAN components and cabling are installed in accordance with our wireless site survey. In-vehicle installations integrate fix-mount data collection devices into your fleet of forklifts or trucks.

Intermec in-vehicle installations integrate fixed-mount data collection devices into your fleet of forklifts or trucks, in all of your operating locations simultaneously. That means you can bring an entire fleet online at one time, without staggering installations or disrupting operations.

From the largest truck fleet cab installation project to the most exacting RFID implementation, precision installation by Intermec means minimum total time for your mobile AIDC roll-out and the quickest possible return on investment.

In-Premise WLAN, RFID and Forklift Installations
Intermec ensures that mobile AIDC technology is installed correctly. Placement of fixed-mount computers, imagers, RFID readers and antennas in your physical plant, on forklifts, and in material handlers is performed with precision. Intermec systems engineers visit your facility and physically install all wireless network devices and cabling. We configure wireless devices, and performance match them with your Intermec fixed and mobile devices on parameters such as power level (or if you prefer we will make configuration and programming recommendations to your network administrator.) Finally, we run our own diagnostics to confirm your installed wireless system performs to specification. And unlike other installers, we can work from the mobile AIDC device up—your wireless environment and devices will be optimized as a system, by the people who know them best.

Field Mobile WWAN, RFID and Truck Installations
Fixed-mount data collection devices, expertly integrated into truck and delivery van cabs, promote driver safety and productivity. Installation by Intermec reflects careful attention to detail and experience earned from thousands of installations in materials supply chain and field operations like yours.

18 Month Performance Guarantee
If it were ever necessary to add network wireless components or make modifications to resolve a coverage problem within 18 months of our site survey or installation, there will be no additional charge. So you will come in on budget, guaranteed. But rest assured—when you choose Intermec, you choose the recognized leader in rugged industrial wireless AIDC technology.

Only Intermec

In multi-story, multi-building, multi-campus environments such as hospitals, industrial production facilities, retail and office complexes, freight-handling facilities and distribution centers, precision installation is an Intermec core competency.

Unlike installers who merely "pull cable," Intermec knows mobile AIDC applications, and can assure the installation and supporting mobile AIDC devices are tuned together. This delivers performance-matched efficiency, so your organization can go to work in a new installation without waiting for follow-up system configuration, monitoring or troubleshooting. And it means you minimize infrastructure costs without sacrificing coverage, responsiveness or reliability.

We perform in-premise installations during off-peak hours to complete the project without disrupting operations. And we can work in multiple locations to bring an entire Field Mobile fleet online at one time, without staggering installations, and without taking your fleet off the road during peak operating hours.

Some services may not be available in your location. Please check with your local service representative for availability.

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