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Application Assessment and Planning

Drive business results with integration of your software, hardware, network, and applications, guided by Intermec mobile-AIDC systems engineers and business-application experts.

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In-Depth Assessment and Technology Planning for Rugged Mobile Applications

With the widest range of enterprise and business applications experience in the industry, Intermec systems and business application experts help IT and Operations Managers, and Intermec Partners, assess and optimize the performance of networked mobile AIDC systems inside the warehouse, across the campus, and out in the field.

Key Points to Remember

  • Helps you bring mobile AIDC technology to materials supply chain and field mobility applications
  • Combines Intermec mobile AIDC expertise with extensive vertical industry experience
  • Assists with business case development and technical feasibility assessment
  • Integrates the technology solution with operations process assessment and recommendations
  • Offers special expertise in breakthrough RFID technology, and unique expertise in the most rugged harsh industrial deployment environments

Value to You

Intermec will match mobile AIDC technology to your business goals, application environment and operating processes. Whether you are adopting mobile AIDC technology in a new application, or refreshing an existing application with newer capability, Intermec experts will help assess technology alternatives, specify physical installation requirements, evaluate network infrastructure and operating processes and uncover opportunities to extend and optimize mobile AIDC technology and business results.

Wireless Site Assessment helps you assess technology alternatives for a new installation, or extension of an existing installation, to match AIDC technology to your business goals and operating processes. For an existing installation, isolate unintended sources of degradation over time, or may be done periodically to confirm network security, compliance, and performance requirements are being met.

Technology Feasibility and Proof of Concept Services evaluate your organization's operating environment and business strategy, as well as potential technology solutions. We will identify implementation requirements, including physical installation of devices, network architecture and needed bandwidth. If you are in an early stage of considering mobile AIDC, and especially RFID technology, Intermec's feasibility and proof of concept expertise can pre-qualify your organization's mobile AIDC business plan in as little as one day—a cost effective way to validate the business case, establish the scope and success criteria—before investing in a comprehensive development project.

Testing and Trials, for systems which will include software, hardware, and wireless network elements from multiple vendors, will verify that off-the-shelf components and special customizations operate together as a system before in-premise installation or field deployment. Enabled by extensive mobile AIDC network and device emulation capability, Intermec assures all elements perform together to your specification before go-live, so your organization can come online with confidence.

Only Intermec

With extensive AIDC network and device emulation capability, and expertise spanning all data capture technologies from traditional bar coding to breakthrough RFID, Intermec's team of systems engineers, analysts, and application experts offers the widest range of enterprise and business applications experience in the industry.

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